Investment Services

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We will research and find property for you

  • MLS
  • Tax Records
  • Vacant and distressed properties
  • For sale by owners
  • Contact out of state & local owners


High end, suburban, urban and inner city properties with those challenges affecting value, liability exposure and marketability.

We are a recognized leaders in selling foreclosures with 25 years in experience with Real estate Owned (REO’s)

Top broker for National Banks, Asset Management Companies, and National Mortgage Companies.

Skilled in negotiation to guarantee your highest return.

We understand the complex decisions facing today’s investors in these fluctuating economic conditions.

Investing in rental property is a sure way to making money in this economy.


                                                                                   FLIPPING PROPERTIES

“Flipping Properties” is where a property is purchased for less than it’s value. Repairs and updates are made and then sold for profit usually within a short period of time. In today’s market, it could take between 2-6 months from purchase to re-sale.




  • Paying appraisers to raise the property value to get larger loans for themselves or their buyers
  • Falsifying down payments to put unqualified buyers into houses they normally wouldn’t be approved for.
  • Falsifying financial documents
  • Selling houses to uniformed buyers and covering up major problems while rehabbing the home to get the loan closed.
  • Back dating lease agreements to deceive the lender stating the tenant has occupied the home more than the time and has paid in a timely fashion.

Despite what you can’t do, you can make money in flipping!